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Site safety program
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Site safety program

Ewaco recognizes and accepts its reaponsibilities as an employer for providing a safe and secure work place for all its employees
Ewaco recognizes and accepts its responsibilities as an employer for providing a sale and secure workplace for all of its employees.
Ewaco will take all reasonable practical steps to meet the responsibility, paying particular attention to the provision and maintenance of:

1.2.1. Plant equipment and systems of work to provide safe working environment.
1.2.2. Safely arrangements for the use, handling, storage and transportation of substances
1.2.3. Sufficient information, instruction and training to enable all employees to avoid hazards and contribute positively to their own safety of work.
1.2.4. A safe place of work and safe access to it.
1.2.5. A healthy working environment.
1.2.6. A secure site for site offices, stores, equipment utilities and property belonging to the client and or the contractor.

2. Objective of site security program

2.L. To minimize and eliminate the risk of injury and hazards to personnel.
2.2. To enhance employees awareness about hazards and train them in accident prevention techniques.
2.3. To provide adequate supervision so as to ensure safe and secure equipment in order to ensure the health and safety of employees.
2.4. To establish and maintain a system of accident report and records.
2.5. To fence off workshops, offices and storage areas and provide adequate security lights.
2.6. To fence off workshops, offices and storage areas and provide adequate security lights.

3. Site safety organization

4. Specific responsibilities
4.1 The Safety officer
Duties and responsibilities
4.1.1. Will survey and inspect all construction activities workshops,premises, plant equipment and storage areas to ensure compliance with the requirement of client›s safety and loss prevention rules and regulations.
4.1.2. Will advise, recommend and implement safe working practices and identify, remove and reduce hazards.
4.1.3. Will recommend and/or advise the provision and use of protective clothing and equipment,
4.1.4. Will investigate, report and keep records of accidents and dangerous incidents.
4.1.5. Will arrange and conduct peri
4.1.6. Will maintain liaison with subcontractors to ensure that their site safety programs, documentation and safe systems of work are provided and implemented in accordance with this program.
4.1.7. Will organize the security rules and recognized by the site personnel.
4.1.8. Will liaise with local authorities such as and police etc. Authority regulations to be the fire department
4.1.9. Is authorized to issue a[ improvement notice if any site personnel acted in a way that would violate the safety regulations.
4.1.10. Is authorized to issue an improvement notice if any plant machinery, equipment or substance is in contravention of site safety rules and regulations and where no immediate risk or danger is likely to occur.
4.1.11. ls authorized to issue a prohibition notice of the activity,persons, plant, machinery, equipment or substance involving or will involve if continued, a risk of personal injury to anyone.This notice will mean an immediate cessation ISTOP] of the activity, plant, material, equipment, or substance until the contravention is rectified and the risk removed.+.2. Supervisors/Foreman
4.2.1. Will be responsible to the project manager for ensuring the safety and well being of all employees under their control.
4.2.2, Will ensure that ail accidents or dangerous occurrences are reported and investigation reports are filled in.
4.2.3. Will be responsible for the safety of plant, tools and equipment issued to employees and that all such plant, tools and equipment are maintained in a safe working condition.
4.2.4. Will be responsible for ensuring that employees under their control utilize the safety equipment of clothing provided to conform to the safety rules and regulations.
4.3. Employees
4.3.1. Must observe ail authorized safety and security rules and regulations.
4.3.2. Must utilize all safety equipment or clothing provided by the company.
4.3.3. Must report immediately ali accidents and dangerous occurrence.
4.3.4. Must report defective tools and equipment.
4.3.5, Must not tamper or in any way with guards on machinery, plant or equipment.
4.3.6. Must strictly obey the instructions given on warning signs and notices as well as the over all security of the site, i,e. no unauthorized photography, no encroachment to restricted areas

4.4. Subcontractor
4.4.1. Shall prepare and provide Ewaco with their site safety program complying to the requirement with. Ewaco safety program and abide by the safely rules and regulations.

5. Training and instruction
5.1. initial induction training will be carried out by the safety officer. Subjects to be included in initial training.
5.1.1. Site area is head protection area.
5.1.3. Eye protection requirements.
5.1.4. Accident reporting system.
5.1.5. Property and equipment safety.
6.5.1. Noise control and dust control.
7.-5.1. Unsafe conditions and practice.
5.1.8. Fire fighting equipment.
5.1.9. Security rules.
5.1.10. Security areas.

5. Sanitation
5.1. Drinking Water
5.1.1. Drinking water shall satisfy all health requirements enforced by local authorities.
5.1.2. New or un-sterilized water containers or systems shall not be used for the distribution of water until sterilization tests have been carried out.
5.1.3. Ail outlets for drinking water and outlets for non-drinking water will be sign posted with notices reading «Drinking Water» with green background and white lettering and «Non-drinking water»with red background and white lettering.
5.2. Toilets and washing facilities
5.2.1. Toilet facilities shall be provided at the construction site in the ratio of not less than one toilet seat and one urinal per 50 workers.
5.2.2. Toilets and washing facilities will be of sound construction with suitable holding tanks.
5.2.3. Routine service shall be provided for cleaning of toilets and sewage.Solid waste and trash collection
5.3.1. Trash bins and trash cans shall be placed of suitable locations at the construction site and in the office, workshop and storage areas for collection of solid waste and trash.
5.3.2. All food waste shall be put in plastic bags and shall not be mixed with construction waste.

6. signals and signalmen
6.1. A standard signal system shall be used during all relevant operationsSignals in use-will be posed at the operations positions Signalmen shall be»located so that they clearly see the load and are clearly visible to equipment operators at all times. Only one person shall bedesigned to give signals to the equipment operator› Training and testing of signalmen shall be provided and only those to have passed the test shall perform the work.
6.2. Signalmen
6.2. Only fully qualified and reliable persons shall be used as signalmen
6.2.2. Signal men will be provided: When the point of operation is not in full view of the equipment operator› When vehicles need to reverse more than 30m› When the terrain is hazardous to treacherous’ where two or more vehicles are reversing in a confined space› Flagmen shall be provided where construction operations or vehicular traffic adjacent to a highway or access road may create a traffic hazard Equipment operators shall only signals from the designated signal Person Signs shall be posted to indicate restricted and unauthorized areas

7. Materials Handling, Storage and Disposal
7.1. Material shall be neatly stored when not in the work, in areas set aside for storage use or until installed on and partitions shall be tacked in .
7.2. Material shall be stacked so that it is stable and secured against sliding or collapse in no case shall material be stacked higher than 611.3.m. Access and exits shall be kept cleat at all times

8. Fire Prevention
8.1. Fire ExtinguishersExtinguishers shall be located in readily visible, accessible locations.Regular maintenance shall be carried out to ensure that they are fully charged and in an operable condition.12.1.1. Site offices shall be equipped with fire extinguishers located at each entrance and clearly marked.
8.1.2. Temporary lighting generators will be provided with suitable fire extinguishers placed immediately to generator positions.
8.1.3. Buildings and storage areas will have suitable fire extinguishers in order to deal with fires of the materials being stored there.
8.1.4. All personnel will be instructed how to use fire extinguishers.
8.2. Communication with the local lire departmentA telephone number of fire department shall be available on the site and accessible to the watchmen.
8.3. Fire department access Fire lines to provide access to all areas shall be established and kept free from obstruction at all times. Access for the use of hear,y firefighting equipment shall be provided to the construction site and maintained until all construction work is completed.
8.4. Site cleanup Waste material and rubbish shall not be stored nor allowed to accumulate within the building or in the immediate vicinity but shall be removed as rapidly as practicable. Rubbish shall not be burned on the premises.
8.5. Smoking Adequate water supply for manual fire suppression shall be provided by installation of necessary underground water mains and hydrants for permanent use prior to arrival of combustible materials at the construclion site.
8.6. Fire protection supervision A capable person having the necessary authority shall be placed in charge of fire protection.
8.7. Building shall not be occupied until the sprinkler systems are in full commission and have been checked by the person in charge of fire protection.

9. Electrical wiring and equipment
9.1. Only qualified electricians shall carry out installation or repairs of electrical equipment.
9.2. All electrical wiring and equipment shall conform to the standards required by the National Electrical Code [NEC].
9.3. Live parts of wiring or equipment shall be guarded to protect all persons or objects from harm.
9.4. High voltage equipment and transformers shall be protected from unauthorized access. Clearly visible warning signs will be posted at the location.
9.5. Electric cables passing through work area shall be covered or elevated to prevent and damage.
9.6. Patched, worn or frayed and oil soaked electrical cables will not be used.
9.7. All overhead high voltage cables and lines shall be clearly identified and visibly marked «Danger-High Voltage».
9.8. All offices stairways, passage ways and construction work area will be provided with adequate lighting while work is in progress.

10. Excavations
10.1 As necessary, shoring system shall be installed to protect workmen,banks, adjacent paving structures and utilities, or banks shall be sloped to the angle of repose.
10.2. Excavated materials shall be shored and retained at least 1 m from the edge of excavation to prevent excessive lading.
10.3. Boulders, rocks or other materials shall be pulled back to ensure that they cannot slide or roll back into the excavation.
10.4. Warning tapes and lights shall be used around excavation at all times.
10.5, Walkways or bridges provided with handrails shall be constructed where people are required to cross over excavations.
10.6. Excavation or hoisting equipment shall not be allowed to raise, lower or sling loads over personnel working in the excavation.

11. Housekeeping
11.1. Waste materials or other refuse shall not be allowed to accumulate excessively and shall be removed from the site on regular basis.
11.2. Debris resulting from the construction work [spillage of concrete,timber, offcuts of reinforcement steel etc.) that are considered as not reusable shall be compiled in designated locations, regularly removed from the site to approved disposal areas.